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Optimize Your Business with Custom AI Solutions that Automate Decision-Making, Streamline Tasks, and Personalize Recommendations

How we work


Strategic Consulting

Get tailored advice on whether AI is the right fit for your business case. We assess your needs and determine the best solution.


Streamlined Data Management

Let us handle the integration and management of your data pipeline. Our team will ensure it works seamlessly with any AI system.


Custom AI Modeling

Our team will develop personalized AI models for your data, rigorously testing for robustness in all scenarios.


Seamless Deployment

Reap the benefits of AI with our integrated software solution, designed for robust and fast integration into your processes.

Utilize All your data 
to transform your business.

Our solutions integrate heterogenous data sources like images, texts, graphs and sensor information holistically to achieve the best possible performance

Image Recognition

Deploy real-time and versatile Image Recognition, tailored to your specific needs. We develop state-of-the-art algorithms that are able to learn even the most complex patterns in images such as small errors on products.


Automate your Ultrasonic Testing with our unique AI system deeplify-sonic. Our algorithms can detect even tiny anomalies or errors in signals from ultrasonic testing. This can increase the inspection quality and speed. 


Connect all your data sources in one model to predict all relevant outcomes. This modern approach of machine learning uses multiple data sources that can be of different types (images, text, ...) in one algorithm to make even more informed and powerful predictions.

Graph Learning

Your company's data naturally forms a graph, which contains valuable insights and relationships between different data points. Our AI solutions are designed to directly integrate that graph and extract meaningful information from it, allowing us to predict important values and help you make data-driven decisions.

Our Approaches

Use Cases

Personalized Recommendations

We have developed personalized product and content recommendations to our customers with AI-powered recommender systems.

Quality Control and Predictive Maintenance

Ensure product quality and minimize downtime with our industrial inspection and predictive maintenance solutions.

Data Integration

Integrate heterogeneous Data Sources into a consistent database using our hybrid approach of rule-based systems and deep learning.


Predict any future value of quantities in your databases, based on historic developments of your database.


Customized to your needs

At our startup, we understand that every business has unique requirements. That's why we offer our AI solutions that can be tailored to fit your needs. We are adaptable and can provide you with a graphical user interface, a custom API, an on-premise solution, or even a complete product that you can use for your customers.

Any questions in mind?

You can contact us to find out whether we can help? No strings attached. We are happy to discuss your  problem with you!

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