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Unlock the power of AI with deeplify Vision - the central platform to manage automated detection algorithms for NDT.

Computer Vision Platform

All In One


Complete solution for automated inspection systems

Inspection devices

Includes customizable inspection devices with real-time AI recognition

Management platform

Cloud-based management platform for easy data and device management

Custom AI models

Automatic or expert-created AI algorithms for customized solutions

Inspection management

Control and update devices at multiple global locations independently

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How it Works


Upload data

This step involves collecting and uploading sample images that serve as input for the initial AI model training.


Label data

The quality of data you fed the AI models is crucial. Our labeling tool will help you to label data to attain maximum accuracy.


Set up and train model

We provide a customized AI model for your use case. You decide to either use automated training or seeking expert assistance for further customization.


Evaluate model

You can evaluate the accuracy of the model. Moreover, you can

update and refine the inital AI model through the platform.


Deploy model

The model can be deployed on either cloud or edge devices with one click to facilitate smooth communication with industrial devices and programmable logic controllers (PLC).



More about image recognition

What is AI-based image recognition?

AI-based image recognition refers to the ability of computer systems to identify and classify objects or patterns within digital images using machine learning algorithms. This is achieved by training the system with large amounts of labeled data and allowing it to identify unique features or patterns within the images. Once the system has learned to recognize these patterns, it can accurately identify and classify similar images in the future. This technology is used in a wide range of applications, from self-driving cars to facial recognition software.

Why is it better?

Image recognition based on state-of-the-art deep neural networks outperforms other methods in detecting complex visual features. AI is adaptable and scalable. With new data, AI can always be improved and made more resilient against environmental influences. AI models evaluate image data in real-time, resulting in an acceleration of the inspection.

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